Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yarn Wrapped Letters

How to make yarn wrapped letters:
 So this is what happens when a teacher gets one too many snow days in a row, haha!

I bought these wooden letters from Michael's Craft Store.  I recommend buying cardboard letters instead of wooden letters.  It was difficult to wrap all of the fancy little edges.  It would have been much easier it they were straight edges.  Also, I bought four different colors of yarn.  You can choose to do all different colors, the same color, or a pattern.  I have seen it done several different ways and they all look great!  My living room has all four of the colors I chose so that it was match.  I decided to spell "home" but I have seen other words like hope, love, and welcome.  

I first wrapped vertically to cover the top edges and then wrapped horizontally.  The edges were difficult since they curved so I had to get out the hot glue gun for those.  This is a time consuming and tedious project!  Warning: patience is needed! 

To do the "O", I first wrapped vertically and then horizontally around the hook.  I kept wrapping it all the way around until it was finished.  Make sure to pull the yarn really tight to keep it in place.  I followed the same pattern (horizontally then vertically) with the other letters.

Here is the finished product!

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