Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Invention Ever- Gel Manicure Kit

I like keeping my nails painted and I do not like to spend money on getting a manicure professionally done.  I got the Gel Manicure Kit (Sally Hansen) from Target and I fell in love!  The starter kit is $65.00 and each polish is $11.00.  Over time, it saves you money doing it at home instead of at a salon.  It is so easy and takes much less time than waiting for regular polish to dry.  The best part is that it stays on for 2-3 weeks!  The only reason why I ever need to take it off is because it grows out with my nails.  After reading the instructions, I was worried about the removal, but they peeled right off without any remover!  I picked at a corner and was able to peel the entire thing off!  Super easy!  I highly recommend this product!

This is what the starter kit comes with.: cleanser pads, filer, UV drying light, 2 sets of clear polish, and a color.

Here is the finished product! It looks just like regular polish, just feels a little thicker.

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