Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Household Organization

Ladies, do you ever wonder how to organize the many products that you use to get ready in the morning?  Here is my solution:

I bought the basket from target and lined the bottom with a paper towel.  This way I can change out the paper towel and the basket it clean again!  Then I bought a smaller container to fit inside the basket (that is the one on the left holding my make-up products).  I lined the edges with the rest of my products and it looks much better than all of the products lining the sink.  If I need to get ready in my room or the bathroom, I can just grab the basket and get myself ready for the day!  

This bag was the best invention ever!  This is from 31 and comes in many different sizes and colors.  You can even have it monogrammed!  I use this everyday for work and can fit everything I need! On the outside, it has five pockets and two mesh pockets.  I keep my water bottle on one side and sometimes my coffee/tea on the other.  On the five outer pockets, I keep an umbrella, my keys, pens/pencils, lotion/hand-sanitizer, and the last pocket is for my phone.  I stick my teacher binder, purse, and lunch box in it and I am set for my day!

I needed a way to hang up all of my jewelry so that I could see what I am working with each morning.  I also was so sick of my necklaces getting all tangled up!  I bought this organizer from Amazon (for less than $20).  It was originally white and I spray painted it black to make it look a little classier.

With all of the bills and items that I have to be responsible for, I needed to figure out a filing system that did not take up much space.  I bought this organizer at Meijer and was able to file everything that I needed all in one place!

Here is what it looks like open:

Another way that I organize my life is through my Home Management Binder:

I keep my calendar for each month in the front and then these five tabs:

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