Thursday, June 30, 2016

Table Monitors

One classroom management strategy that I found to work great is having a table monitor to distribute and clean up table materials and text books.  It makes transitions much smoother and the kids love the responsibility.  Each Monday they rotate so each child gets to be table monitor several times throughout the year.  I have used SO many different signs including magnets, frames, and stickers but nothing lasted.  I finally found these cheap and durable frames from Ikea and made little signs to slip into the frames.  They are double sided and did I say durable??  They do not break no matter how much the kids mess with them and they wipe clean!  Win- win!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Box

We exchange valentine's cards each year and I thought I should make a box that matches the theme of my room!  Here are the steps and materials needed to make this adorable owl Valentine's box.

1. Cut the top off of an a cereal box.
2. Wrap cereal box with wrapping paper.  Go into the top of the box since it shows when it's empty.
3. Cut out scrapbook paper for eyes, wings, feet, nose, and heart.
4. Arrange materials as you would like and glue/ tape them down.  I used double sided sticky squares found in the scrapbook section of most stores.  I also put a small bag of rice at the bottom of the box so it would stand up and be more sturdy.

Overall, it was a big hit and held all of the big Valentine's!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Peek into my Closet- April

Top- Kohl's
Skirt- Target 

This is how I handle teaching in a school with no air conditioning!  Staying cool with lots of flowy clothes.  Luckily, we are getting a brand new school next school year!!!